Advanced Flexibility

Do you feel that stretching your client is a tiring process? Perhaps you feel that you need a stretch afterward. Do you ever worry about hurting your client while stretching them due to either overpowering or not being able to align their joints properly? How do you handle cramping/extraneous muscle contraction while stretching? What is the best general order of operations for stretching a client? What are the key techniques to teaching a client effective self-stretching techniques? This course, taught by James Nicholson ACE CPT LMT, will help you learn the benefits and techniques of the dynamic warm up, stretching techniques for the entire body and how to self-stretch and teach clients to do so. It will take your stretch skills to the next level maximizing client performance, injury prevention and rehabilitation and, most importantly, client retention.  

Trainers/Therapists will learn to:

  • Explain the benefits of stretching for improving posture, maximizing performance and injury prevention.
  • Correct their own form to maximize client relaxation and prevent the Trainer/Therapist from burning out or getting exhausted.
  • Maintain and teach proper alignment to the client while stretching them to minimize injury and maximize flexibility.
  • Segue directly from passive stretching to teaching stretches the client can perform on their own.
  • 8 Hours, 8 CECs/ CEUs

8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
10 Hanover Square
New York City, NY 10005

The early bird rate will be $200 due by 9/2/17. $250 afterward. $300 if you drop in the day of class (9/9/17). 
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