Business Potential

Have you been taking great care of clients for years, and still your practice isn't doing that great? Are you new to the field, ready to give superior service and wanting to make a superior living with it?  Do you know that somehow you are running off the tracks as a professional, unclear in structuring time, rules and fees?  Does your confidence and clarity go out the window when you have to tell client or a boss what you expect from them?  Do you want people to have a more vivid and specific idea of who you are, what you offer, and how it will help them?

You know you need to deliver your very best work to your clients.  But do you know that you need to define and run clear, healthy business practices as well if you are really going to succeed as a professional?  It's clear that the best practitioners aren't always the most successful ones.  Your clients and potential clients need crystal clarity about who you are, what they can expect to get from you, and what you expect from them -- their commitment, their professional relationship to you, and their need to appropriately compensate you.  

In this class you will learn proven strategies to:

  • Set, and live up to, a standard of excellence and success that will model health and self-respect to your clients.
  • Communicate clearly with clients about how you make them strong and healthy
  • Strengthen your presence in your field and occupy your professional niche
  • Tell clients/management/employees what you expect regarding compensation and time with clarity and calm
  • Stand your ground without stressing out
  • Use technology to tell your story, clarify expectations, and simplify communication
  • Give your clients the responsibility and power to get healthy and stay healthy
  • 8 Hours, 8 CECs
*This class only gives Continuing Education Credit for Trainers – though Therapists would benefit greatly from this information.

$200 until 1/24/16
$250 until 1/30/16
$300 on 1/31/16

8:30 AM - 5:30 PM
10 Hanover Square
New York City, NY 10005