Lower Extremity Rehab

Clients with lower extremity injuries are a continuous challenge to the Trainer/Therapist.  How can one maximize client performance without re-injuring or further injuring their clients?  How can the client learn the difference between healing/strengthening pain and injury pain? How can Trainers/Therapists accommodate the client’s desire for intensity and development when the usual regimen is too much for an injured person? 

This course teaches the Trainer/Therapist to maximize lower extremity performance, even in the context of serious injury.  It will clarify how the joints of the lower extremity relate to each other, and how the muscles from pelvic floor to intrinsic foot muscles can be trained to work together for all levels of performance.  It gives the Trainer/Therapist methods and protocols to help the client make these connections both in exercising and stretching, either on the table or as a dynamic part of the workout. These goals can be achieved with or without common gym equipment and both approaches will be taught. Trainers/Therapists will learn how to stretch their clients while maintaining proper alignment in the client’s hips, knees and ankles to maximize healthy ROM and relationship of the joints. 

The Trainer/Therapist will learn:

  • How to explain proper hip/knee/ankle movement to the client in simple words
  • Programs to improve lower extremity movement and rehabilitate injury
  • Ways to stretch the client’s lower extremity while maintaining proper alignment.
  • 6 Hours, 6 CECs/CEUs
12 - 6 PM
$150 until 6/6/15
$200 until 6/13/15
$250 on 6/14/15

10 Hanover Square
New York City, NY 10005