Massage Benefits

 The Benefits of Massage for Health and Fitness

Though massage is still looked upon as mainly a pampering, relaxation modality, it is much more than that. We will go into an informal view of what you can expect from being treated by a licensed massage therapist(LMT).

Let’s start with a brief list of conditions that massage therapy can treat: TMJD, Tension headaches, Whiplash, Rotator cuff injuries, Lateral/medial epicondylitis, Carpal tunnel syndrome, Forward head posture/hyper kyphosis, Indigestion, Menstrual cramps, Hyper lordosis/Sway back, Low back pain, Scoliosis, Hip dysplasia, Femoral ante/retroversion, ITB friction syndrome, Chondromalacia patellae, Bow-legged/knock knees,  Tibial torsion, Achilles tendinitis, Plantar fasciitis, Edema

Though it may seem unrealistic, massage can truly help with all of these conditions and more! As a LMT myself, I’ve successfully alleviated and/or resolved all of the above conditions with clients over the years. Here are the basics of how massage achieves this:

Massage aids in circulation: This means vascular and lymphatic circulation. Massage can reduce swelling, maximize oxygen flow and also facilitate waste removal from muscles. It also decreases blood pressure. Massage aids in moving lymph which benefits immune function. The lymphatic system only circulates via movement which can be passive (ie: Massage) or active (ie: Exercise).

Massage can be used to break up fascia: Fascia is the most abundant connective tissue in the body. It surrounds bone, viscera, and muscles. It has two states, a more liquid state and a solid state. Typically, due to inefficient (including lack of) movement, fascia tends to stiffen up, which can lead to dysfunction in the structures it encapsulates. Massage can reverse that thus improving organ function, joint mobility and muscular elasticity and flexibility.

Massage breaks up trigger points and knots: But you already knew that:-)

Most people consider the deep massage work necessary to do some of what I have mentioned to be too intense. With a skilled practitioner, you can receive body work within your tolerance level to maximize your experience. All you have to do is trust and communicate and you’ll still feel quite relaxed after the session is complete.

This is because massage has a powerful effect on our endocrine system, thus lowering cortisol and sympathetic nervous system response while stimulating dopamine release and parasympathetic nervous system response.

So although massage can be used for simple pampering and relaxation, remember that it can be an impressive natural remedy for a variety of conditions. To help maximize the quality of your life, make sure massage is a part of it.