Personal History

Certified Fitness Trainer. Licensed Massage Therapist. Distance Runner. TRX and Kettle Bell Enthusiast.

I was 70 lbs. overweight a brief lifetime ago. I had 2 hip surgeries in my early teen years, and knee surgery at 19. It hurt to work out because I didn't know how to move properly. I wanted to change my life so I sought out the services of a personal trainer and a nutritionist. I learned how to move and eat more efficiently toward the goal of better health. I even started running which I hated. As my body changed, many asked; "How did you do it?" Sharing my experiences, I found my interest in exercise physiology growing exponentially. I helped one woman lose 50 lbs, then a man lose the same. People said; "You can make a career of this."
I already had a dream of becoming a massage therapist and it made perfect sense that combining exercise physiology and massage would make for a powerful system towards building and maintaining the health of those I worked with. I made my dream happen with years of study and training. And now I help many people not just possibly add more days to their life, but absolutely add more life to their days.

My work focuses on helping the client maximize efficient movement by increasing self awareness and confidence. With this, a client's capabilities will far exceed anything they could have ever imagined.

I hated running. Now I love it. I've raced distances from 1 to 50 miles. With 3 surgeries to my lower extremities, I am living proof that you can accomplish your dreams if you just work on the process. I enjoy using TRX and Kettle Bells, as they not only strengthen muscles, but also improve on all the other aspects of fitness: muscular endurance, flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, and (with a proper diet) body composition. I also enjoy giving massage as much as receiving it. Massage starts a conversation between the client and their own body which leads towards personal evolution and healing, with me as the mediator. To be allowed to be a part of that process is an honor that my clients allow me again and again with powerful results all around.

Overcoming Personal Challenges. Reconnection of the Self.

Paramount Mental Confidence. Prime Physical Competence.

This is Evolved-fitness.