Professional History

James Mark Anthony Nicholson LMT

ACE Fitness Trainer

301 E. 57th St. * New York, NY 10022 * 917.653.5090


2006 LMT, New York State

2005 Associate’s Degree, 3.67 G.P.A, The Swedish Institute

Occupational Health (Massage Therapy)

2003 CPT, The American Council on Exercise

2002 B.A., Fordham University. 

Major: Philosophy, Minor: Computer Science

Academic Honors and Awards

1996 – 2000 Louis Calder Foundation Scholarship

Continuing Education Credit Provision

2012 – Present

8 Hour Training: Maximizing Business Potential

8 Hour Training: Advanced Flexibility and Stretching

6 Hour Training: Lower Extremity (p) Rehabilitation

4 Hour Training: Upper Extremity (p) Rehabilitation Professional Education 2016 Jess Banda and Larry Veteto
40 Hours Training: Poliquin Method BioSignature Level 1 and 2
2016 Dr. Deirdre Finn and Emile Van Der Hilst

16 Hour Training: Touching 
Therapeutically: An Osteopathic Approach to Palpation and Listening 
2015 Dr. Dennis Shavelson and George Russell DC

8 Hour Training: Foot and Ankle BioMechanics

2015 Kit Laughlin

16 Hour Training: Stretch Therapy for Gymnastics Strength Training

2013 ACE Symposium East

Keep your Brain Buff (Jonathan Ross CPT); Barefoot Movement Science (Ben Le Vesconte); Go With the Flow (Jessica Matthews MS E-RYT); Train SMART or Go Home (Chris McGrath CPT, CES, PES, IFS, LWMC); Advanced Program Design - The ACE IFT and Beyond (Chris McGrath CPT, CES, PES, IFS, LWMC); ACE Experts - Health, Nutrition, Fitness, and Industry (Natalie Digate Muth MD, MPH, RD; Jessica Matthews MS, E-RYT; Michael Mantell PhD, and Cedric Bryant PhD); Go Faster, Jump Higher (Chris McGrath CPT, CES, PES, IFS, LWMC); Coaching for Success; Connecting with Clients and Their Health (Michael Mantell PhD)

2013 George Russell DC and Aviva Geismar LMT

8 Hour Training: Wrapping Your Head around the Foot and Ankle

2013 George Russell DC

3 Hour Training: Postural Analysis: From the Ground Up

2012 Jonathan Ross CPT

8 Hour Training: Small Group Fitness Training

2012 TRX Training

8 Hour Training: TRX RIP Trainer Course

2012 Aviva Geismar LMT and Ericka Clinton LMT

6 Hour Training: Freeing the Neck Using a 3D Approach

2012 Dr. Donald Murphy DC DACAN

8 Hour Training: 
Assessment and Treatment of Lumbar Radiculopathy

2011 Vincent Metzo LMT CSCS

16 Hour Training: Kettle Bell Nerological and Metabolic Training

2010 Kettle Bell Concepts 

Continuing Education Weekend: (Galvanized) The Hilton NYC 

Kettle Bells Special Ops (David Bluman and Stew Smith), Kettle Bell Movements for Golf (Adam Cronin), TRX Suspension Training (Chris Frankel), Repair (Paul Katami), Kettle Bells and Focus Pad Drills (Roger Dabney and David Bluman), Kettle Bells and Medicine Ball (Keli Roberts) 

2010 Adam Cronin CSCS, ACSM-HFI, MES 

16 Hour Training: Introduction to Kettle Bell Lifting 

2010 Dr. George Russell DC 

5 Hour Training: Spinning the Hip 360 Degrees 

2009 Chris McGrath CPT, CES, PES, IFS, LWMC 

8 Hour Training: Functional Training and Assessment Workshop 

2008 Leigh Crews CPT, RYT 

8 Hour Training: TRX Suspension Course 2008 

Eric Degis MS, DC, CSCS 

6 Hour Training: Functional Exercise Anatomy 

2007 Todd Durkin MA, CSCS 

16 hour training: Training and Conditioning for Sports Performance

2006 Eric Degis MS, DC, CSCS 

3 Hour Training: Post Rehabilitation of the Lumbar Spine Complex 

3 Hour Training: Post Rehabilitation of the Shoulder Complex 

3 Hour Training: Post Rehabilitation of the Lower Extremity 

2004 Annette Lang CPT 

6 Hour Training: Training the Pregnant and Post-Partum Client 

2004 Iona Parson 

8 Hour Training: Spinning Instructor Orientation 

2003 Annette Lang CPT 

6 Hour Training: Flexibility Training

Current Professional Activity 

Health and Fitness Speaker for Corporate Clients New York, NY 

ACE Continuing Education Provider, USA

Independent Personal Trainer and Massage Therapist, New York, NY

Publications and Academic Presentation 

2012 Fried Frank Law Firm:

"Beginning and Maintaining a Cardio Program"

2012 The New York Health and Racquet Club:

"Upper Extremity Strength and Conditioning"
"Lower Extremity Strength and Conditioning"

2011 Fried Frank Law Firm: 

“The Techniques of Maintaining Youthful Vigor” 

“The Benefits of Massage Therapy” 

“The Benefits of Stretch” 

“Nutrition and Stress” 

2011 The New York Health and Racquet Club:

 “Building Personal Character and Maintaining Client Relations” 

2010 Amazing Feet Running Club: 

“The Pre-Run Dynamic Warm Up”

Language Proficiency 

Read and speak basic Spanish, Portuguese