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Michelle Cuilla
“James is a gifted massage therapist. I leave his massage room freed up from pain and with a deep feeling of well being. His skill draws from extensive and ongoing training, vast knowledge of how the body works, and powerful intuition. He works with, not on, his clients. He asks questions, listens well, and shares what he knows so I can participate in the healing. The work is never about him and his success, but about what I need to learn to heal. When he thought another approach might help, he worked with me to figure out the next step.

I am grateful to James for his great skill and generous spirit. He is totally committed to increasing wellness in the world. I have learned a lot from him and look forward to continuing to work with him for healing and enlightenment.”

Dimitri Ofengenden
“I have been active in triathlons for close to 10yrs. I have not met a better instructor / trainer anywhere. I worked with James for 5yrs+ and James has my highest recommendation - if you are serious about your fitness, especially if you do endurance events, James should be your top choice for a personal trainer/coach.

One of the reasons James is so good is that he is an amazing endurance trainer himself, but also has extensive knowledge in exercise physiology and is a certified and extremely skillful massage therapist. That combination gives James an amazing ability to be extremely effective when designing training programs and helping people get to their goals.

Finally, James is extremely personable, has a great sense of humor and cares deeply about people, which makes him a lot of fun to work with and will make you look forward to every workout together with a smile on your face.

Good luck, and happy training!”

Dale Christensen
“I've worked with James for almost a year now. His skills as a personal trainer are truly exceptional. He brings a wealth of knowledge to the task and then distills it so that it is tailor-made to the special strengths and weaknesses of the partcular client. He is very intelligent, articulate, professional and has an exceptional work ethic. He is serious but contagiously happy. When I retained him as my personal trainer I was focussed on correcting serious mobility and discomfort issues with one of my shoulders (which I otherwise thought would require surgery). James developed and oversaw an exercise program to rebalance some of the muscular and skeletal issues involved and most importantly started a remedial program of massage therapy on that shoulder. James, unlike most trainers is highly knowledgable of and professionally licensed in massage therapy. I now have recovered about 80% of the mobility I'd lost over the past couple of decades and have decided that surgery is no longer needed. James gets my very highest recommendation.”

Thomas Ogden
“James has worked with me for many years now, providing week after week of stretching sessions that have kept me surprisingly injury free over many years of Squash and Rugby. James has the experience and strength, to achieve the stretch results I need, that few other trainers can provide. I can't recommend James enough!”

Peter Tonno
“I highly recommend James. He is an extraordinary personal trainer, massage therapist, and a great person. As a result of training with James, my personal well being (general health, fitness, strength, balance, coordination, speed, agility, and self-confidence) is now at the highest level of my entire life (age: 50+). He has taken me from ordinary to extraordinary.
If you want to achieve a personal fitness goal, such as, improved balance, improved stamina, strength, running a mile, a 5k, 10k, half-marathon, marathon, triathlon, anything!, then train with James. He is a true professional.”

Lisa Meiselman
“I have worked with James for years. He is an outstanding personal trainer. James is truly an expert and knows how to manage my particular issues. I am confident that my workouts are tailored for my safety and maximum results. James knows how to help you get results and his personal style is very generous and encouraging. When he's working with you he's 100% focused on you. I highly recommend James as a trainer...if you are lucky enough to get him!”

Leanna Velez
“James and I had the opportunity to work together at the New York Health and Racquet Club as both personal trainers and massage therapist. I was automatically drawn to his energy and vigor for his trades. James has walked (and run!) many miles in the shoes of someone looking to transform his own body into a lean machine capable of great athletic adventures. He teaches his clients skills to strengthen not only their body from the core out, but also their mind. He meets you where you are, and then you travel the path together, it’s a total experience, always looking to the next level of progress. James’s has a realistic (systematic) and yet positive view of all aspects of life, which ultimately affect your training and daily activities. James is a fantastic trainer and massage therapist, having the skills to blend both into an overall wellness experience for those who are open and willing to improve their lives! I highly recommend him to all ages and walks of life.”