Upper Extremity Rehab

As Trainers/Therapists encounter clients with shoulder injuries and are continuously challenged with how to maximize client performance without injuring their clients further.

This course details the principles of roll and glide and how to facilitate its application in our clients with exercises and stretches. The trainer will learn how to achieve these goals equipment free and with various pieces of equipment such as common household items, Indian clubs, and weights.

During the stretch section, Trainers/Therapists will learn how to maintain proper alignment in the clients shoulder joint/shoulder girdle to maximize ROM at the joint level.

The Trainer will learn to:

  • Effectively explain proper shoulder movement
  • Design programs to maximize efficient shoulder movement and rehabilitate from shoulder injury
  • Stretch clients’ shoulders while maintaining proper Gleno-Humeral alignment.
  • 4 Hours, 4 CECs/CEUs
12 - 4 PM
10 Hanover Square
New York City, NY 10005