Training Philosophy
In this information society, where one can learn anything about anything, anytime, we are consistently losing focus on what matters most, our selves and our bodies. Our health and fitness is under attack by the overwhelming amount of media and demands placed on us daily. Either the reader and/or someone the reader knows of someone close who consistently says things like: "I forgot to eat", or "I don't even know what I did today". The reader and/or someone the reader knows may 'think' they have a healthy diet, but is completely unaware of ways they are sabotaging themselves in the midst of a busy day. We all know of those who may get injured and either:
Not know how they got injured or:
Will not know what chronic activity led to the injury.

As far fetched as it may sound, Evolved-Fitness can aid in correcting this loss of attention. As one continues to progress/evolve in our programs, one is forced to Regain Awareness and Pay Attention to oneself to complete the workouts. At Evolved-Fitness, we strive to engage not only the musculo/skeletal systems, but also the neurological system as well, which aids not only in something as pedestrian as more calories burned, but also more self awareness, which leads to higher coordination, improved balance, agility and dexterity, and heightened kinesia, not to mention significantly improved strength.

With this Evolved Awareness, one's self esteem is positively benefited as well, leading to better relationships, more focus, and greater stamina for whatever challenges one may face, both in and out of the workplace. As one continues to be challenged more and more in our gym, these benefits all continue to evolve into something better that raises the ceiling on what one's previous capabilities were. This is Evolved Training.

Massage Philosophy
The human body has many interesting ways that it stores stress. Even when injured, the complex of knots, trigger points and associated sequelae can cause discomfort and pain in a devastating mix. At Evolved Fitness, we use our knowledge of human anatomy, proper alignment, and movement in our massages to bring about as complete a resolution as possible to any muscular/myofacial, skeletal and neurological malady that one may have. Though we can 'pamper' our clients with relaxation massages, we are also knowledgeable in Evolved Techniques to bring about a more permanent solution to restore, repair and improve the efficiency of movement in our clients bodies.

Flexibility Philosophy
Maximizing the Human Potential:

Our schedules are tight, our lifestyles are tight, and thus, so are we. Most of us spend so much time in chairs under stress that it is amazing that we can move at all. From being stressed out while sitting in cars, to our desks, to sitting in front of the television at home, we lead a life that diminishes the human potential when we try to move. 

We were born to move. At Evolved-Fitness, we work with our clients to bring back the Range of Motion (ROM) that rightfully belongs to them. Through advanced stretching techniques, whilst focusing on proper alignment, we will not only help improve your ROM, but also your posture and most importantly awareness of your posture. The awareness is where the Evolution is. It is only with awareness that we can become something better than what we are, and avoid giving into that which would tighten and restrict us.